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Globe with StethoscopeWhat if all American Medical Group Association (AMGA) member medical groups and health systems agreed to work together to address one of the nation’s most important public health challenges?

AMGA members experience firsthand the synergistic benefits of combining our efforts to achieve better outcomes for our patients, medical groups, and communities. Through our collaboratives focusing on management of chronic conditions (including hypertension), publication of results and best practices, and the Anceta Collaborative, AMGA and the American Medical Group Foundation (AMGF) have been leaders in identifying care processes that point the way to measurable improvements in hypertension control.

Measure Up/Pressure Down® is an unprecedented quality initiative that could dramatically improve the health of our nation. To date, more than 140 medical groups delivering care to more than 42 million patients have joined Measure Up/Pressure Down®, including some of the nation’s most prestigious health organizations such as the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, Geisinger Health System, and Henry Ford Health System.

Join us today by completing this form. Your participation will serve as an example of the leadership and commitment among AMGA medical groups to improve care and make a difference in the health and well-being of our population. Remember that participation is open to all medical groups and health systems and is not limited to AMGA members.

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Joining Measure Up/Pressure Down® will result in better health outcomes for your patients, improved ability for your group to participate in performance-based contracts, such as ACOs or patient-centered medical home initiatives, and national recognition for your medical group.

Find out how to support Measure Up/Pressure Down® as an individual or supporting organization.

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