“It Takes a Team” Provider/Staff Video

Research has shown that high blood pressure is most effectively treated when the patient is a part of a larger care team.  Who these team members are and the important roles they play in managing a patient’s high blood pressure may come as a surprise.

Developed by Measure Up/Pressure Down® with support from United Health Foundation, the “It Takes a Team” video reminds eight care team members – including specialists, receptionists, medical assistants, primary care providers, nurse managers, IT/data specialists, pharmacists, and patients – the crucial role they play in hypertension management.

You can view the “It Takes a Team” video in its entirety (see below) or in “chapter” form. To select a specific chapter, please click the [+] next to the appropriate care team member below.

Special thanks to Inova Health System for use of their facility for filming.

Video Chapters